3 Tips for Working With Your Creative Process

I shared this story with my subscribers, and thought it would make a great blog post. I’ve been wanting to share it but was a little hesitant, maybe because I wanted you to think my design process is magic and rainbows, but it’s not. I rip apart and start over and deal with tangling thread just like some of you. So, I hope you enjoy the story and benefit from the 3 tips.

As I worked on my new Waterfall Lariat design, I started to think more about the creative process. I got my idea last spring and asked my friend Bonnie to create some custom lampwork beads with a waterfall theme. She blended the blue and the white glass beautifully and created some textured swirls going around the bead representing the turbulent, crashing currents.

Waterfall Lariat kits are now available under "Bead Kits"

The beads are so inspiring, but I got stuck in the execution. I wanted an odd number of fringe, but the method I liked best resulted in an even number. As I worked on the length and bead counts, the nymo started tangling something fierce! I threw it in one of my handy plastic storage boxes to simmer.

A year later, while beading at a friend’s house, the solution came to me! I immediately sketched it in my notebook. I started working on it again last month. To solve the thread problem, I decided to give Fireline a try. I was back on track and the kits are now available!

We all get “stuck” sometimes, and I wanted to share some tips for working with your own creative process:

1) Think: I wonder what would happen if… Maybe you change bead sizes, types, counts, colors, or weave back through instead of forward. This has helped me open pandora’s box :)

2) Try working on another area, then you can go back and connect the original idea to the new idea.

3) Let it simmer. If you work on something else, your solution may present itself. Hopefully, it will only take you an hour or a day instead of a year like it did for me!

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