Bead Retreat Recap

Me teaching my Corset Cuff class

There are 2 times a year I get to see all of my bead friends at once, and one of those times is at the Shreveport Bead Retreat. I always have a blast teaching classes, eating chocolate, staying up late, catching up with friends and making new ones, and getting some beading done in there somewhere. This year I taught my new design, the Corset Cuff, and I’m so happy and grateful to have sold out of kits! Thanks to Ida for taking this picture of our class.

Terrazzo- my favorite colorway of Corset Cuff

The above picture shows Terrazzo, the first colorway that went, and it is definitely my favorite. I named each colorway after the names of the Hanah hand -dyed silk ribbon used to “lace up” the bracelet. The other colorways are: Flamingo Glace- olivine and fushia, Rudbeckia- orange and deep matte blue, and Auralina- pink, turquoise, seafoam. The second round of kits will be ready by next Friday August 17th, and you can email me at if you want to claim your color.

my challenge piece

I enjoy doing the challenge because its sort of Project Runway style. Everyone gets the same components to include, the same amount of time, and you really have to get creative and think on your feet. Ida gave us washers, that gold connector piece, two wooden beads, bugle beads, a weight and a cotter pin. I glued the holes of the wooden beads together to make one long bead. I have a thing for dagger beads right now, so I included them in my peyote around the wooden beads, and it ended up looking like a mace. What can I say, I like dangerous jewelry ;.)

prizes for 2nd place

Ralonda and I were the only ones to complete the project, and the vote was really close. I guess if I have to come in second, it might as well be to my best friend. I received a really great project bag and some Fireline. I really enjoyed the creative process and challenge of “what the hell do I do with this?” after a cocktail around midnight, hehe.

my loot from Bead Crazee and the crystals I won for my doorprize

Thanks to Gerry of Bead Crazee for bringing her store to us in Shreveport. She had everything I wanted for my challenge piece, beads for extra kits, and I’m looking forward to playing with those twin beads.

Saying goodbye with a group trip to Albasha

We now have an annual tradition of going to Albasha; a restaurant serving the best Greek and Lebanese food I’ve ever had. Julie’s family drives 2 hours to pick it up on occasion. Yup, it’s that good, and afterwards it was so hard to say goodbye. Only 5 months until we get to see each other again at the Texas Bead Retreat!

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  • avatar Sue Charette-Hood August 10, 2012, 5:27 pm

    Looks like you had another successful SBR. I love your new bracelet design! Looking forward to seeing you at TBR or at Beadfest.

  • avatar Mandi Ainsworth August 10, 2012, 5:35 pm

    Thanks, Sue! How about both 😉

  • avatar Kelly September 27, 2012, 1:42 pm

    I love your challenge piece and those corset cuffs are so cute!

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