Beading by the Bay, Part 2

The next day I woke up early, and my phone gave me turn by turn pedestrian directions to the nearest Starbucks. Isn’t technology wonderful? After a latte and some texting to my husband to assure him I was safe from the “tsunami,” I decided to keep exploring. I found the beginning of a bayside trail less than a block from the hotel. Since I knew I would be sitting all day, I walked pretty far and snapped a lot of pics with my phone camera.

A favorite pic from my walk

I had Maggie’s class on the first day; a necklace called Olivia. I love the Old World feel of her work, and found out that we both have a passion for Italy. It’s my dream to go there one day, and she told me about the Beadventures tours that she does.

I like how Maggie starts at the back of a pearl and bezels forward. It makes for a really clean finish. When she was demonstrating how to do it, she had a story to go with the steps to help us remember and understand. It was hilarious, too!

my Olivia so far

The original colors are green and gold, and I decided to use black and garnet. This is going to be a gift for my sister for when she graduates cosmetology school. I have about 42 days before it needs to be finished! Also, I haven’t decided if I want to use white pearls or black pearls.

a snapshot of the drawing by Karen Firnberg

At 2:45p every class day, there are door prize drawings! Before I left, I was reading Marcia’s blog and drooling over the lampwork owls by Georgie. That is what I wanted to win sooo bad, and I did! The sad part was that I really wanted Hootie to meet Lil Hoot, but I thought I forgot him. I meant to put him in my carry-on, but he was left in a lonely corner pocket of my suitcase, and I didn’t find him until I got home. Another reason I need to go back next year.

best doorprize ever: my beautiful owl

After class, a big group of us headed over to the hotel restaurant for some drinks. The teachers joined us for awhile and Maggie entertained us with one of her Italy stories. Later on, about 17 of us headed over to Max’s for a giant group dinner. It’s within walking distance, and there was a singer a few of the gals danced to. I had some giant stuffed mushrooms, and by the time we got back around 10p, I was completely exhausted.

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  • avatar Kathy March 26, 2011, 8:36 am

    Sounds like a great day. Starbucs, nice walk, beautul picture, beads, prizes and celebration. Did you get a discount at Starbucks?

  • avatar Ralonda March 26, 2011, 10:10 am

    That is indeed one awesome owl! I am so glad you went and have shared your adventure with us.

  • avatar Mandi Ainsworth March 27, 2011, 9:08 am

    I did get my Starbucks discount. The guy asked what store I worked at and I told him the cross streets, waited for him to look at me like I’m crazy…then added in Dallas. The challenge with my owl is thinking of a design good enough to put him in ; )

    Thanks for reading and leaving comments!

  • avatar Kathy March 27, 2011, 11:19 am

    Branches & leaves?

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