Beading With Friends

For me, beading has always been about the people that I’ve met through pursuing my love of beads. It’s the owners of the local bead shops and small online beading supply companies, the vendors and independent artists that I meet at shows, and the people who connect with me through social media and email to talk about beading that are a huge part of my inspiration to bead.

So last weekend, when I was faced with a bad case of the IDonWannas (IDonwanna do the dishes, IDonWanna do the laundry), I thought I would delay the inevitable and string up a necklace design that had been waiting patiently in the recesses of my mind for months.

All of the beads used in this beaded necklace, with the exception of the clasp, were either purchased from friends or given to me by friends. It made me happy to think about them as I picked up each bead on my needle.

Beading with Friends

Starting from the top down, the spotted wood beads, carved animals, and bone spacers were purchased from my friend Nicole Campanella. You might recognize her as the maker of Nicole’s Beadbacking, far and away my favorite colored bead embroidery backing.

Beading With Friends 2

The large brown and mustard round beads were given to me by my good friend/teacher/mentor Debbie Philp of True North Yoga in Schroon Lake, NY. Debbie led my 20o-hour yoga teacher training in 2013, and she continues to inspire and encourage me as I make my way along this new path.

Finally, the 4mm druks in the fancy picasso brown finish were a gift to me from my very good friend Perry Bookstein, formerly of York Beads in New York City. Perry was an incredible source of inspiration and friendship for me over the last few years, a fellow New Yorker from the “other” end of the state in which we both reside.

It’s always been fun for me to think about where I procured the beads for each project as I stitched, strung, or otherwise assembled my finished beaded jewelry. Wearing this necklace will always be a reminder of some of the friendships I’ve cultivated through our mutual love of creating with beads!

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  • avatar Leslie February 10, 2016, 5:23 pm

    You said it– the friends make this realm the true joy !

  • avatar Nicole/Beadwright February 10, 2016, 6:56 pm

    Ooohhhh I thought I recognized those beads. I am so pleased to see them used in such a beautiful and artistic way. Thank you for the plug on NBB too. You are the best. I hope you are joining in on the NBB contest.

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