Beading with Mounted Stones

Key designed by Cynthia Rutledge and beaded by me

This past weekend, Cynthia Rutledge came to teach 3 classes to the Dallas Bead Society, and I chose to take the Key class. I take much of my inspiration from fashion, color, and trends, so I was naturally drawn to it. I also wanted to learn about working with CZs (bezeling a trillion) and how she sets stones without the fancy machine. She makes it really easy! I haven’t started on the chain yet, but it truly resembles a metal chain.

Lesson learned:

Going into the class I wasn’t really sure if I liked the look of mounted stones in my beadwork. I felt like it would disrupt the flow of the design to have metal sticking out of it. While beading the project in class, I began to appreciate the versatility of using mounted CZs. The settings have 6 prongs, and therefore 6 holes to bead through, and multiple angles and passes are possible. Cynthia provided a “home” for each stone in the design, so it works for me. I think this was a great skill to add to my beading repertoire. Thanks, Cynthia!

Here is an online resource we found for the Cubic Zirconia gemstones and settings.

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