Dainty Brick Stitch Earring Tutorial

The very first thing I learned to bead was a pair of brick stitch earrings. I learned from thin book that I have since lost track of, but I got hooked and made every pattern in multiple colors. I’m starting to see them in retail stores, and thought it would be fun to create a cute design and share the tutorial. I hope you enjoy making them for yourself or a quick gift!

The 1st pair is the prototype in delicas, the 2nd pair is the example used in the instructions, and for the last pair, I swapped the colors of the fringe.


  • size 11 seed beads in 2 colors
  • 2 crystals, 4mm
  • earwires
  • needle and thread

Choose which color of size 11 seed beads you would like to start with (color A) and ladder stitch 7 beads together. Make sure you leave a tail long enough to weave back in later. If you need help with ladder stitch, you can view this tutorial.

Begin brick stitch, beading right to left: 1 bead of color A, 4 beads of color B, and 1 bead of color A. If you need help with brick stitch, view this tutorial.

Decrease your brick stitch and bead left to right: 1 color A, 1 color B, 1 color A, 1 color B, 1 color A.

Decrease your brick stitch and bead right to left: 1 color A, 2 color B, 1 color A.

Decrease your brick stitch and bead left to right: 1 color A, 1 color B, 1 color A.

Decrease your brick stitch and bead right to left: 2 color A.

Your thread will be coming out the top of the left bead. Add 7 beads of color A, and go down the right bead. Needle up through the left bead and follow the path again to reinforce the circle of beads. Later you can attach your earwire to this loop.

After you reinforce the circle, your thread will be coming out the bottom of the right bead. Pass through all the beads on the outside edge of the triangle. Take your needle off your working thread and put it on your tail thread. Weave the tail into the triangle securely and trim the end. Put the needle back on the working thread, and you are ready to start the fringe.

String on 9 color B, 7 color A, and 9 color B. Needle up through the outside edge bead on the other end of the triangle, and then right back down into the very next bead.

String on 7 color B, 5 color A and 7 color B. Then, needle up through the second to last bead on the opposite side of the triangle.

Weave through the brick stitch portion until you can exit down into the center bead of the bottom of the triangle. Add 1 color A, 1 crystal, and 1 color B. Pass back through the crystal, the color A bead, and then the center bead of the bottom of the triangle. Weave your thread securely into the brick stitch portion and trim the end. Add an earwire to the top loop and you’ve finished an earring. Make the other one and then strut around modeling your new earrings! 😉

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  • avatar D.Mc October 7, 2011, 6:40 am

    Hi, found this site thru link on Bead- Patterns.com newsletter (Sova Enterprises). Thanks so much, a lot of the brick stitch earrings are too “fringy” for me but these “r” just right. BTW might you do another YouTube video on bead looming? Thanks again.

  • avatar Mary Ruth February 13, 2012, 3:04 pm

    Thank you so much! What a nice, clear tutorial. I have been wanting to try this and now I can, thanks to your generosity!

    Mary Ruth

  • avatar Ana Cravidao (aka ACBeads) June 21, 2013, 11:05 am

    Hi! I’m starting bead weaving. I’ve followed your instructions for making these earrings and they’re very good. I also used the links you provided for Ladder and Brick stitches and I was able to make some beautiful earrings. Thank you.

  • avatar türk liseli porno February 24, 2015, 1:51 pm

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