Found Objects Blog Hop Reveal

The challenge: Find an object in your home or from the outdoors and combine it with freeform peyote to make something to post on reveal day.

My inspiration: At my day job, we print big graphics on banners and trade show booths etc. One of my favorite jobs is printing for NY Fashion Week, which is how I came across Jesse. His line is called Realm Jewelry, and he make the coolest pieces ever with safety pins!

Found Object: Safety Pins


I found all the objects for my project in my studio as well! I took an owl charm and broke of the bail. Then, I sewed it to a piece of green-grey fish leather.


Since its a necklace, I wanted to be sure it would fit well. I roughly sketched out what I wanted the overall shape to be, and where the chain would attach.


At this stage I decided to focus on the green palette only since it was going to be so crazy. I also decided to leave out the big stuff and use size 15, 11, 8, and 6 seed beads mostly.


I love to look back at these pictures, and how it grows. There are hundreds of tiny decisions that shape the whole thing!


I worked hard to shape the left side up, after my tension had curved it the opposite way.


I decided to do more in this area to achieve the look by folding and stitching a section down, so more could be added. I also worked to created two definite edges on the bottom, and using the darker beads helped achieved that.


I worked on it from about noon to 10pm on Thursday, and I am about an hour or two away from finishing it. After my event today, I plan to come home and finish it so I can post the final picture and wear it!

Update: It’s finished!


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  • avatar Karen Williams November 16, 2013, 12:32 pm

    Very fun! And good to see I’m not the only one still in process. It’s interesting to see how you’re incorporating the saftey pins into your piece.

    I look forward to seeing it finished!

  • avatar Mandi Ainsworth November 16, 2013, 1:35 pm

    Karen, I love yours so far, too! It’s going to be amazing!! I’m home from my event and will go back to work on the owl :)

  • avatar Bobbie Rafferty November 16, 2013, 4:24 pm

    Mandi, this is so cool! Love how you’ve incorporated the safety pins, and the owl is adorable. Can’t wait to see the finished version!

  • avatar Naan November 16, 2013, 7:03 pm

    A very lovely piece indeed! I love the colour and I particularly love Owls. Well done.

  • avatar Lisa Jones November 17, 2013, 6:27 am

    Awesome, Mandi! I really enjoyed seeing the working photos. Never even thought of that. The safety pins are cool.

  • avatar Catherine November 17, 2013, 7:36 am

    I love the owl, and safety pins are surprisingly at home in freeform peyote!

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