‘Me’ Time with Mirrix Looms


I have a soft spot in my heart for looming since the first beading I did was when my grandma passed down her loom to me. I would love to get back to it and see this side of beading flourish. So, I am excited to share this contest from Mirrix Looms:

Everyone has their ‘me’ time. For some it’s a relaxing bubble bath and for others a long walk. For many of us, though, ‘me’ time happens at the bead table. We find solace in making. We find inspiration in creating. We need this time to nurture our souls and to take some of the stress out of everyday life.

For Mirrix Looms’ latest contest, they ask you to describe how creating art is your ‘me’ time. This is not limited to weaving fiber or beads. Any art counts. Speak from the heart. They will have five guest judges from the bead and tapestry communities pick the top twenty entries and the public will vote for their favorite out of those. Start dreaming up your answers!

Click here for the official rules and enter to get your hands on an 8 inch Lani Loom with Shedding Device! ($225 value) Entries due by midnight (PT) 8/31/2013.

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