My First Bead Fest Texas

I was so excited for Bead Fest on Friday and helping Ralonda with her “Meet the Teachers” table. They said you could sell anything, so she let me bring my kits, and I happily sold several. Everyone loved her beaded fish, and signed up for “Fish Kit” info. Unfortunately neither of us brought our camera that day.
Lesson Learned: have a checklist of what you want to bring

Joanie and me

I saw my friend Joanie while I was working the Dallas Bead Society table. I had someone take a picture with my phone of us in front of our banner. We had a complementary bag check for some very grateful bead shoppers, and I was glad we could help. I had a nice chat with Met Innmon while closing down the bead society table Friday evening. I was excited to meet her and we are planning for her to be a guest on the podcast!

A few of Ralonda's students

I came back early on Sunday to help Ralonda in her class. The students were so fun and had an great time learning “Waves of Grace.” Then it was time to shop! We found these awesome owl beads by Michelle Davis of Tangible Light Studio, and they were too cute to pass up!

Jeannette and Me

Jeannette Cook had a booth there, and I was so excited to meet her in person! I got her Buckle bracelet kit which I’ve been wanting ever since I saw my friend Gina’s. She is interested in doing a podcast interview as well. I bought a bunch of seed beads from Beyond Beadery, some for fun and some for new kits. I had a great chat with Betcey, and was happy to find out that she has read my blog!

My Bead Fest Loot

It was an awesome weekend, and they have already set dates for next year’s event: October 26-28, 2012! A week later than this year so as not to conflict with the Rangers if they happen to go to a 3rd World Series in a row. I actually avoided all the sports traffic and had no problems. I will definitely be submitting some proposals!

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