The Luxury of an Organized Bead Studio

I am stoked to have this coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off work for my “Organization Vacation.” I have been saving up my vacation hours for this exact purpose. I’d rather go to the beach or something, but having my studio organized will be like a vacation everyday, right?

Candid photo: What my beading table really looks like.

Why I finally Decided to Organize

Remember the Easy Loom Bracelet video? Yeah, well…the truth is it took me 2 hours to find that loom in my closet before I could even start recording! And the Seed Bead Fusion Giveaway video? My table looks clean, but I really shoved everything in a pile just off camera! These were just two of the signs that I needed a change.

I am also taking a productivity course. I discovered that my disorganized studio robs me of a lot of mental energy and physical energy. I want to spend that energy on beading and making great videos, not stressing out because I can’t find the pack of size 12 beading needles I just bought (because I misplaced the first pack which caused me to buy another in the first place…ugh).

Candid photo: The full extent of my beading organization via Snap 'n Stack boxes.

The Artists’ Secret to Organizing Success

I learned the artists’ secret of organizing success from Gayle Goddard, The Clutter Fairy. The secret is to have all your main supply visible and out at all times. In this case BEADS! Half my beads are hiding in tackle boxes out of site and out of mind. We as bead artists are inspired by our materials, so when they are out and easily accessible, the creative energy begins to flow. Also, everything becomes easier to put away when you’re done.

I live in an apartment currently, and I can’t put shelves and tons of nails in my wall. So I plan to use literature sorters and Snap ‘n Stack organizers on the bookshelves my grandpa made for me. Literature sorters are designed hold reams of paper, but bead boxes fit perfectly into the slots. This way the boxes don’t have to be constantly stacked and unstacked. The lids are completely clear (not translucent) so I can see what’s inside easily and quickly. I also love the Snap ‘n Stack organizers for project boxes and storage, and I ordered 13 more of the trays only, so I will have 5 stacks of 5 trays. I want storage to expand into!

Stay Tuned

I’m excited to get started, and I’m happy to share with you my mess and lessons learned through a series of posts as I go through this process. Stayed tuned for more candid photos and videos!

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  • avatar GailyP July 21, 2010, 8:15 pm

    OMG! I am so anally retentive about my bead studio being organized! Thank you for sharing your studio in the raw form. I have a bit of clutter at the moment but my seed beads are never a mess. I have peg board (from home depot) on 2 walls. I inserted hooks and the beads are sorted by size then by color. Everyone makes fun of it but deep down, I think they are just envious!

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