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How choosing a Word-of-the-Year changed my life.

Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool was like gasoline on the fire of my creative heart. It started 3 years ago when I beaded a simple word on a pen: Emerge. I started allowing myself and my work be seen, and tried show more of my goofy self on the podcast and edit myself less. Two years I ago, I managed to cram all the letters together to spell Completion. My goal was to finish more things instead of focusing on the outcome of the thing. The biggest completion was my application to teach at Bead & Button. Just sending it would make me proud. It was a bonus that I was accepted!

Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map fanned the flames of my fire. You start with how you want to feel, because the only reason we want certain things is so we can feel a certain way- so why not start with that? As someone who takes life so seriously, I chose the word Joy. If you listened to my updates at the beginning of the podcast, you know this summer was packed with bead trips, laughter, and friends. I truly experienced Joy.

As the summer faded into fall, I knew it was time to change my word again- to TRUST. To trust myself and my ideas, and to act on them promptly and instead of waiting for the perfect time or circumstances. The Word Project is one of those ideas!

What is The Word Project?

The Word Project is a community beading and intention project. I invite you to share your word, make a pen to bring your word to life, and send me a photo. I will be making a music video of all the photos of completed pens I receive by January 15, 2014. Extra Credit- If you have a blog and choose to write a post sharing your word and declaring your intentions, send me a link and I will share those here as well!

Why a pen?

I put my word on a pen at the start of every year for two reasons. 1. When I spend that much time beading a pen, I know my word was thought out, and specifically chosen. No waffling on it could be this or maybe that. 2. I am reminded of my word on a daily basis every time I write in my journal, take notes, or make the grocery list.

What will I get out of participating?

We could start with the obvious things like clarity and focus, improving bead skills, making a cool beaded pen, and some blog post traffic, sharing with and supporting others in the bead community. But there’s definitely more to this.

Setting an intention in this way is very powerful. Emblazoning your word on something you can use everyday? Well that’s intention on steroids. Its one thing to think “I’d like to lose a couple pounds,” and quite another to meditate on the word Health while creating a beaded pen. Then, to have it bang around in your purse or pen jar at work as a constant reminder of something you want. How would your life be different if you allowed your word to float in the top of your mind as you go through your day? Could be small things, could be big things, could be the smallest shift is the biggest shift. In the case of Health, you may find yourself choosing the salad and dance walking through parking lots.

Why does Word of the Year work and resolutions don’t?

First, because it’s simple. It’s one word and there are small things you can choose every day that are easy to do and easy not to do. Your word is something you want to embrace: Health, Love, Delight, Gratitude, Freedom, Grace, Laughter, Clarity, Yes, No, Savor, Order, Listen, Peace. It’s a goal with a soul, not something big and scary and filled with negative energy like “finally get organized” or “lose 20 pounds.”

How do I participate?

For instructions on creating a beaded pen, click here to sign up for the newsletter and get my free Beaded Pens eBook. There is a peyote alphabet, and printable chart so you can graph out your word.

To be included in the music video, email a photo of your completed pen to by January 15, 2014. To have your blog post listed, email me your link anytime.

I love this concept! What if I’m not a beader?

I would be honored to create a pen for you. Choose from the pens in my Etsy shop, or order a custom pen and choose your Word and your colors. You are are also welcome to submit a blog post.

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  • avatar Hazel December 4, 2014, 8:13 am

    Hi Mandy,
    I just tried to log on and get the lettering page and leave my word for 2015 but all I got was “you already belong”. So how do I get the worksheet so I can start my pen please.
    Hazel. Xx

  • avatar Mandi Ainsworth December 4, 2014, 8:19 am

    Hazel, I sent you an email, and you can let us know your word here in the comments :)

  • avatar Rose December 5, 2014, 4:14 am

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