I took a bit of a hiatus from Bead Circle and at some points beading in general to change up some stuff in my life. I soul searched, got a divorce, changed my name, and had 2 designs published in the April editions of Beadwork and Bead & Button magazines. My life looks completely different from this point last year, and I’m excited to start creating new things!

I had a lot of stops and starts with beading recently, but as I flipped Beadwork magazine to the page with my design, I came across an ad for Sherry Serafini’s new book: Inspired Bead Embroidery. Sherry is my personal patron saint of creativity. I love how she keeps evolving and coming up with new ideas. The fact that sometimes it’s a rusted washer in the road endears her to me even further. I fell in love with the Gumdrop Cuff with the pip bead edge. I purchased the book without hesitation.

Choosing beads for Sherry’s Gumdrop Cuff

Sherry’s cuff is inspired by a gumdrop glass cabochon created by glass artist Tammy Rae. She is wonderful to work with! I ordered the magenta and tan, and she sent a video of some to choose from. It came beautifully packaged and well protected. I then started the agonizing process of ordering beads online in colors that would go together. (At this point I had a suitcase of clothes and a bead board. The rest of my stuff was in storage.)

So glad I decided to overnight that $3 bag of cubes!

When I got to the section with the 4mm cubes and rounds, I visited my local bead store. I walked around for awhile, not really finding what I was looking for. I went back to the fresh water pearl section one last time, and found this 4mm strand of the most gorgeous strand of purpley pink pearls that had been hiding in the back. I audibly inhaled making everyone in the store look at me funny. They were perfect! The champagne cubes I found? Not so much. (Shown on the left side of the photo.)

I tried so hard to like them because I wanted to get to the pip beads! I finally realized if I was going to put this much time and money into a piece, I just couldn’t settle for mediocre cubes. Another order was placed. I waited impatiently, but the result? Fabulous.

My completed Gumdrop Cuff designed by Sherry Serafini

Adding the pip beads edging was just as fun as I imagined! I am so happy that I took my time with the colors and trusted myself. Sometimes I had to put my bracelet aside and let it “simmer” while I made color choices. I almost ripped out the slippert Super unos, but I’m glad I didn’t. This whole process helped me to continue to develop my color voice.

It’s so comfortable and fun to wear!

One thing I will pay attention to next time is having an equal amount of bracelet on either side of the focal. My clasp is off center in the back, and the only way to fix that is to start over. Which I won’t be doing because I love wearing it so much. The other thing is next time I use a slide clasp, I won’t use pliers to crimp it down. I even used a thick towel between the clasp and pliers and marred the metal. Oh well, now I know.

I highly recommend Sherry’s book. All the projects are stunning and the design guidance at the front enlightening. I found myself looking at all the pictures before bed, and wondering if I slept with it under my pillow if my creative capacities would grow. Click on the cover to order…if you dare.