It started with an idea for an exhibition challenge- no voting, no winners, no prizes. I wanted us to celebrate creativity and beading as an art form. Participants must use something from the kit in their beadwork and incorporate beadweaving techniques.

I threw down the butterfly challenge inspired by their Herculean type strength that allows for their complete transformation…


and put together the kits…

Now it’s time for the Big Reveal! Click the pictures for a closer look.

Lynn Lytle
Katy, Texas

Many years ago my mom started beading peyote bracelets after she broke her ankle and could no longer square dance. I has made numerous macramé bracelets with beads in my youth and had taken a course from Sitting Bull’s great granddaughter learning how to bead with quills a very long time ago! When my mom moved to Texas after my dad died, we had plans to explore the world of beaded dolls together. Unfortunately, she passed away soon after and I became the owner of her extensive bead collection, and somehow, I got where I am today!

I am a member of the Houston Bead Society and find my strengths are in free form bead embroidery since I’m not much of a jewelry wearer. Lately I have been exploring mixed media assemblages, but when I saw this challenge, I knew it was time to bead again!

Having 2 teenage daughter doesn’t leave me much time in the summer, so I took the challenge quite literally. I included the quote Mandi provided – printed on vellum – and used only the beads provided (except for the caterpillar’s legs and head and the blue sparkly bead on top of a toadstool), adding only the flower, wire, empty spools, glass bottle and mirror. I really am happy with the end result and it looks amazing sitting on my window ledge. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I hope my butterflies carry their message of hope to everyone who sees them.

Amy Royster
Roselle, Illinois

After last year’s challenge, I could not wait to see what Mandi came up with this year. FLUTTERBYS!!! YAY!!!

For some reason, when I started thinking about this challenge, I thought of how butterflies gracefully land on flowers to drink the nectar, and this led me to wanting flowers around my neck to attract the butterflies to me.

Here in the Midwest, the trees are beginning to turn, the wind is getting nippy, and the skies are withering to gray (YUK!), so I wanted bright colors for my flowers, to entice my butterflies out of their cocoons for just a little longer….

I present to you the BLOSSOM PATCH. A simple spiral rope with beaded flowers attached. The clasp is a bezeled fabric cabochon that with a snap sewn on the back.

Cheryl Norwood
Lake Jackson, Texas

I named it the Birth Of The Butterfly. The little white spots on the leaf are caterpillar eggs, then you have the cocoon hanging from the branch, and the new butterfly that has hatched out on the limb.

Sue Charette-Hood
San Antonio, Texas

Inspired by the love of Super Duos, and wanting to create a “home” for the little polymer butterfly.

Gillian Utting
Gosport, United Kingdom

That butterfly made me jump higher than I have leaped before. What a clever and crazy idea.

Katherine Kosta
Denver, CO

When I received the kit, I immediately knew I wanted to create a bead embroidered butterfly. After doing a little research, I decided that it would be an abstract representation of a butterfly on a flower. The cuff itself is 2 ½ inches at its widest part. I’ve used clear snaps as the closure.

What’s next?
Thank you to all the participants of this project. Your ideas have blown me away, and I have enjoyed watching your creativity expand!

I want that for more people, so there will be 20 kits for the next challenge, I will allow more time for shipping to other countries, and more time to complete your project (2 months).

The next challenge will be launched February with a theme of “Fierce!” Animal print daggers, anyone?