Happy New Year! I’m am so excited to be writing the first post of 2011, and I have a very interesting topic to share with you: why ordinary New Years’ Resolutions either don’t work for people, or they give up even making them in the first place. Last year, I made several “crafty” New Years’ Resolutions. For example, I was determined that in 2010, I would learn freeform peyote, and I did! It was more of a list of goals that had to do with beading and crafting, and I didn’t actually get to all of them. For example, my wedding scrapbook is STILL not complete.

Me in the photo booth I made for our New Years’ Party

Goal setting is awesome, but…

Goals are great, and it’s important to write them down because you are more likely to achieve them. I guess my problem with last years’ approach is that in my mind, a New Years’ Resolution should be some kind of profound life change. Synonyms of the word resolution: declaration, determination, perseverance, elucidation

It’s not about willpower

So I started thinking about what I could change in my life that would be so profound that I would be able to “get to” and achieve all of my goals. I started reading…A LOT…and stumbled on the answer. The problem is not that we lack discipline, or don’t have enough willpower or something. What we should focus on is simply forming the right habits. I even did this without realizing it! When I started doing videos for the site, I wanted to lose a bit of weight. So Monday thru Friday at 2:00p, I would go to the gym. The first few days I had to make myself, but it got easier. After awhile it became part of my routine. It was just something I did everyday! Which is a good thing because my mom is a great cook, and I definitely indulged myself this holiday, hehe.

It’s about forming a habit

One of my goals this year is to create more of my own bead designs and beading eBooks. So in my Google Calendar, (that even links to the calendar on my phone!) I am dedicating an hour everyday that is just mine to design. Scientists agree that it takes the average person 3 weeks to form a new habit. So when it becomes a habit to sit down and work on a new design everyday, I will move on to the next goal and form a new habit to achieve it.

The Beaders’ New Years’ Resolution is…

My New Years’ Resolution is to form better habits! I’m excited because I feel like this way of thinking can change my life, business, and how many beading projects I will finish!

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What do you think? Did you make a New Years’ Resolution? Why or why not? What do you think of a habit forming resolution? Please share with us in the comments!