Santa Ornament & Wine topper by Jane Knaub

I was really excited to participate in a Ornament Exchange & Blog Hop hosted by Karen Williams.  I haven’t played with beads much lately, and I thought this would be a fun way to get back into beading a little something. I had so much fun decorating for Christmas, and I started on Veteran’s Day. My swap partner Jane and I made and sent our packages before Thanksgiving. By the time Christmas came around, I was kind of over it!

However, I love my Santa Claus ornament from Jane which is also a wine topper. It is currently keeping my delicious bottle of Chianti company. She did such a great job choosing the fabrics and piecing it together. Apparently the pattern she found for it online was in Italian, but she used Google Translate to figure it out. Isn’t technology wonderful?!

I sent her two different style of mini ornaments, one in netting and one in scallop stitch with fringe. I also sent some peyote stitch candle stick earrings with Swarovski crystals for the flames. I found the tutorial on Fusion Beads and thought they were so cute.

Karen did a really great job posting pictures of everyone’s ornaments and telling the stories behind them. The list of participants is below:

My care package for Jane

                        Margo Lynn and Karen Williams

                        Carrie Johnson and Therese Frank

                         Jasvanti Patel and Becky Clay

                         Jane Knaub and Mandi Bugatti

                        Sherry Eagle and Amy Severino

                        Judy J Jacobs and Judy Deshaies

                        Adrienne Hendrickson and Francie Broadie

                         Cyndi Nason and Karen Williams