My first freeform peyote project is complete! I started this bracelet in Colette Chapman’s class at the Texas Bead Retreat, and she creates amazing freeform peyote eye candy. She is a wonderful teacher and I was able to jump right into the technique.

Here is what I learned about freeform peyote so far:

  1. Use a base. If this is your first project, I recommend using a base to help you get started. For homework before the class, Colette had us bead a strip of flat peyote the length of the bracelet minus the clasp in size 8/0 seed beads. The base made it really easy for me to just start.
  2. Start with focal beads. Plan out where you will place each one, and embellish out from there. Try rearranging the focals and place them in different configurations and spacing before tacking them down permanently. I used one butterfly in the center of my piece.
  3. Bridges are the key. Make a loop that starts near your focal and moves toward the clasp end. Create a few rows of peyote on the loop, then embellish with lentils, daggers, drops, etc. My first loop on this piece is the one over the left wing of the butterfly with daggers.
  4. Use stabilizer beads. If you embellish a row of peyote with daggers or drops etc, it’s a good idea to stabilize them with another row of peyote.
  5. You can never have enough beads. Use crystals, pearls, bugle beads, firepolish, and size 15, 11, 8, and 6 seed beads, lentils, pressed glass, stones, and drops. I organize my bead choices by color to start.
  6. Be free. It’s called freeform for a reason! Do whatever you want and take it out if you don’t like the way it looks. I may have gone a little overboard on mine, but I love it and will wear it all the time. Remember that it only matters what YOU like, and with freeform peyote, you can develop your own aesthetic.

My bead mat after finishing this project, A MESS!

If you would like more instruction, give this tutorial from Whimbeads a try. I’m going to create my own tutorial after making a few more pieces and discovering my favorite approach.

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Thanks to Janice Lynn for helping me find these websites!