Corset Cuff and my new heart rate monitor

Beads helped me quit smoking

I quit smoking on August 31, 2009. I did it cold turkey because I was ready, and wanted to do it for myself, but it never hurts to have added motivation. On day 4, I posted an update to Facebook, saying it was going well so far. Marcia DeCoster mentioned to me that when she quit, she would use the money she saved not buying cigarettes to buy herself flowers. I did that the first week, but then I decided I would buy more beads! The hardest part was breaking the habit of smoking and driving. When I’d get a bad craving, I’d drive past the gas station to Artful Bead and claim my prize, a shiny new tube of beads. It worked wonders and 2 months later, the worst cravings had subsided.

Fat Lady on a Diet

My FB friend, Sig Wynne-Evans (also of Traveling Bracelets fame) is using beads to help her lose weight. She is chronicling her progress on her new Facebook page, Fat Lady on a Diet, and she’s been sharing motivational quotes, pictures, and fitness tips she discovers. For the next 30 weeks, her goal is to lose 1 pound a week. For every pound that she doesn’t lose, she’s going to giveaway a 100 gm bag of beads. That is some serious motivation! Please join us on her page to cheer her on and maybe get some motivation for your own fitness goals.

My Beady Fitness Challenge: Insanity!

Sig has inspired me, and I want some leverage to help me stick with my Insanity workout. The workouts are 6 days a week (one is “easier”) and I’ve just finished day 2 of 60. The rules are simple. For every day I don’t do my scheduled workout, I’m going to giveaway one of my kits. I’ll post updates here and on the Bead Circle Facebook page.

There is a recovery week between month 1 and 2 and it’s the second half I’m really nervous about. I need to do a few modifications so I don’t injure my wrist again, and I’ll probably have started my new full-time job. I haven’t worked full-time in years, so this will be a big change! My reward will be a new swimsuit and the free Insanity t-shirt they offer for submitting before and after photos.

Please comment below with any motivation, and to receive a kit should I miss a day. Thanks for your help!


Day 2- Cardio Power workout. This is tough, but today I have thrown down the gauntlet by making this public. I can do it! Also, using my new Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has been helpful in deciding when I need to slow down (heart rate is too high) and when I need to “dig deeper” (heart rate is in range-keep going).

Day 3- My calves were screaming, so I soaked in an Epsom salt bath. Today I did Cardio Recovery, which is stretching, yoga, and some moves I used to do all the time in dance class. Calves still screaming. Ready for tomorrow.

Day 4- Did the Pure Cardio workout today. As I’m lying on the floor, shirt soaked with sweat, and I hear Shaun T. say “That sh** was bananas, ya’ll” I feel like Superwoman.

Day 5- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Awesome workout, today! I also purchased the book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.

Day 6- Off day, woohoo! Except instead of beading all day I cleaned all day. Feels great to have a clean house :)

Day 7- Cardio Power. Still doing girly push-ups, but I’ll get there.

Day 8- Pure Cardio. I can already feel a difference in my cardio since I can do more before my heart rate gets high.

Day 9- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Decided to start eating spinach omelets for breakfast and threw away all my sugary, carb loaded cereal. Had great energy for my workout!

Day 10- Cardio Recovery. No cardio but the exercises make my muscles burn.

Day 11- Cardio Power. Wow, today was harder and I had to keep stopping whenever because of cramps. I truly employed “Do your best and forget the rest.” I will be drinking more water now.

Day 12- Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs. Today they tack on 16 minutes of abs, and I couldn’t do everything. I felt the burn though and that’s what counts.

Day 13- Rest day. Feels good to let my body recover a bit :)

Day 14- Fit test.

Day 15- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Started getting a cramp during warm-up. Instead of pushing thru, I drank water, waited half an hour or so, then started back up. Then, I had an awesome workout with no cramps, yay!

Day 16- Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs. I did my workout today even though I really didn’t feel like. It’s the hardest one on the list. Victory is mine!

Day 17- Cardio recovery. I can tell my flexibility and balance are both improving.

Day 18- Cardio Power. Today I tried to get in my workout quick. As my necklace banged around, and my bangs fell in my face, I realized preparation is key. Got some bobby pins at the next break, pushed through, felt amazing.

Day 19- Rest. ahhhh…

Day 20- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. The workout after rest day is always awesome.

Day 21- Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs. Victory! Today I did the whole 10 min warm-up without stopping! Yup, its that insane.

Day 22- Cardio Power. I think I’m gettin the hang of this one because today I was like “Bring it!”

Day 23- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I can feel my calves and shins starting to ache a bit today, so I’m glad tomorrow is a recovery day.

Day 24- Cardio Recovery. Was doing really great on my Paleo-style eating (no bread or dairy, meat and veggies only) when I decided to have pizza last night. Today I feel hungover and low energy, and I know its from the bread! I’m amazed at the difference I feel.

Day 25- Pure Cardio. Decent workout. I’m starting to get that shin splint feeling, and that usually means its time to buy new athletic shoes.

Day 26- Plyometric Cardio Circut. New shoes made a big difference today! Great workout.

Day 27- Rest day. I have finished month 1 and next week is recovery week before I start month 2.

Day 28- Core Cardio & Balance. Shaun T. says take it easy this week, but this one still makes me sweat and makes muscles burn.

Day 29- CC&B. Didn’t sleep well last night and it definitely affected my workout. Another victory- I am now one day past where I quit last time!

Day 30- CC&B. Did a little better, I can really feel it in my abs.

Day 31- CC&B. Extremely low energy today, but I pushed through best I could.

Day 32- CC&B. Today’s workout was a 180 compared to yesterday! Feeling awesome! Difference? Could be food, weather, sleep, or something else. I’m not sure what.

Day 33- Rest Day

Day 34- Rest Day

Day 35- Max Interval Circuit. Wow, Shaun T. is a little meaner in this one, and its a lot harder. I debated turning off the video twice, and started doubting if I could do this. I decide to just do my best and I can only get better from here.

Day 36- Max Interval Plyo. Sore from yesterday so that means I’m getting a good workout even though I couldn’t do everything. Also, there’s a girl named Mandi is this one :)

Day 37- Max Cardio Conditioning. This one’s tough but fun!

Day 38- Max Recovery.

Day 39- Max Interval Circuit. Easier than the last time.

Day 40- Rest Day

Day 41- Max Interval Plyo. Still have to substitute some moves but I can always feel my muscles working.

Day 42- Max Cardio Conditioning. I was ready to keep going when the workout was over, hehe. Then I noticed this is the shortest one in the max series.

Day 43- Max Interval Circuit. Today I noticed how much strength I have really gained! Even though the scale doesn’t seem to be moving, I’ve lost a half inch off my waist and I have solid no longer flabby legs.

Day 44- Max Interval Plyo. Butt kicked.

Day 45- Max Recovery. Recovery my a**!

Day 46- Rest day.

Day 47- Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs. Feeling pretty awesome after this workout.

Day 48- Core Cardio & Balance. Funny how this one seems easy now.

Day 49- Max Interval Circuit. Well, today was different. I stopped before the second circuit and wondered why the hell am I doing this when I haven’t seen much progress. How the hell did that girl lose 37 pounds in 60 days doing this? Watched some motivational videos for awhile and then finished the workout.

Day 50- Max Interval Plyo. I noticed my shins were starting to ache which I know from experience playing lacrosse that its a sign of over-training. I’ll just insert an extra rest day and keep going.

Day 51- Rest Day.

Day 52- Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs.