In this video, I show you how to make an easy loom bracelet. It’s easy because you don’t have to weave in the warp threads! You just braid them together so you can tie it around your wrist.


  • loom
  • beading thread
  • beading needle
  • size 11/0 beads
  • crochet thread (black recedes into the design)
  • beading mat
  • design (planned out on graph paper)
  • scissors

UPDATE: Debra and I discussed crochet thread sizes over email. I learned that a small number is a big thread a big number is a small thread, just like beads! Her guess is that the thread I’m using is around size 30. Thanks Debra!

1. Warp your loom with an arm’s length of crochet thread. You will have one more warp than you have beads in the width of your pattern. Use “soft” knots, hold the thread onto the loom. You will take these knots out when you take your bracelet off the loom.

2. Tie your working thread to the first warp, and string on your first row of beads. Move your needle under the warps, and pull your thread through popping each bead into it’s “home” between the warps. Hold them there with your index finger. Go back through all the beads, but needle your working thread on top of the warp threads. With one thread under and one over the warps, the beads stay in place.

3. Reinforce the first several rows by going through each, and tie slipknots on the outside warp threads so they are completely secure. Weave back down to where you left off. Keep beading until the desired length of your bracelet is complete. Reinforce the last few rows.

4. Cut the working thread ends from your bracelet. Take the bracelet off the loom and undo the soft knots. Trim the warps to a manageable length for braiding. Start at one end, divide the warps into 3 sections and start braiding. Tie an over hand knot when you have reached the desired length. Trim the remaining warp threads, then repeat on the other side.

5. Tie it around your wrist, and show it off. Then, make a few for all your friends!

What do you think? Do you like the thought of braiding the warps instead of weaving them back in? What kind of designs are you planning? Please let us know in the comments!